The only brand of children's ready-to-wear and accessories with a design studio worthy of the great fashion houses, Bonpoint's couture spirit is based on a perfect balance between a sense of simplicity and brilliant details, tradition and modernity, craftsmanship and innovation.

Luminous and delicate, the Couture Summer 2022 collection calls on the expert hands of the exceptional Cécile Henri Atelier, which worked with Bonpoint to design three precious models, exclusively made to order.
For Bonpoint, this unprecedented collaboration marks a turning point in the direction of ever greater attention to detail, technical mastery, and sophisticated finery.

Adorned with a pastel gradient of embroidered tulle flowers, the sumptuous Panice petticoat and the exceptional Alienor gown require 38 and 35 hours of work, respectively, from the preparation of materials to cutting the flowers and the needlework for the thousands of transparent rhinestones, iridescent crystal sequins, and glass beads.
The elegant, powder pink jacket collar is embroidered with pastel tulle dots and requires over 11 hours of work.
The ultimate touch, the hand embroidered headband with tulle dots completes these incredibly chic silhouettes.

Melding romance, tenderness, and nostalgia, this unparalleled Couture collection honors the movement of the garment and the play of light with Bonpoint's signature refinement.