Anamaria, the ingénue


A name and a face that are difficult to forget. Anamaria Vartolomei,

the up-and-coming young actress has twice been ambassador of the YAM Bonpoint line.

First seen in My Little Princess by Eva Ionesco in 2O11, this enigmatic beauty with her deep, sincere gaze

gaze is a star in the making. The year 2O16 is a busy one for her with full length features by big names

such as Cédric Klapisch and Tran Anh Hung. Anamaria and YAM Bonpoint are the perfect match,

so much so she was the obvious choice for the opening of the Winter 2O16 edition of this magazine.


What projects have you been involved in since we met for your first film My Little Princess?

After My Little Princess, I played in a short film by Amandine Maugy, C comme couteau

and then in Riad Sattouf’s Jacky au Royaume des filles.

I’m also in a scene in Cédric Klapisch’s new film with Pio Marmaï and Ana Girardot which is coming out soon.

Then I worked with Frédéric Beigbeder in his movie, L’Idéal.

I’m also in Ramzi Ben Sliman’s Ma Révolution coming out in September. That film is about the Tunisian revolution

seen through the eyes of a 14-year old boy in love with a young girl. I’ve got one of the main roles.

Then I started on Tran Anh Hung’s next film Eternité.

Can you tell us about Frédéric Beigbeder’s L’idéal?

L’Idéal is a satire about the world of modelling! Gaspard Proust takes the role of the publicist in 99 Francs.

He’s called to fix a scandal concerning a muse in L’Idéal. He then goes in search of a new muse, and meets me…

The filming took place in Budapest during the summer. Frédéric Beigbeder was very cool.

He knows what he wants but leaves lots of room for his actors and crew to improvise.

I didn’t really know what to expect at first, then he explained the concept of the film to me.

My character has a Russian accent, so we got together a second time to work on that and then one last time to confirm I had the role.

You’ve been the muse at YAM Bonpoint twice now. What’s your connection with this House?

I was so happy to be supported by Bonpoint, particularly when they dressed me for events.

I like the simplicity and freshness of the House designs.

My way of dressing is very simple: jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers. I like being comfortable,

and that’s why I like YAM Bonpoint so much, it’s an elegant fashion but it’s close to mine.

I’m also a total fan of Eau de Bonpoint and its orange blossom fragrance. I wear it every day,

and I’m not at all easy when it comes to perfumes. My mother wears very heady scents, but I’m the opposite,

I like fresh, light scents, I don’t like perfumes that are too sweet.

I also really love all the different textures in the Bonpoint skincare line.

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