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It is also important to mention the exceptional quality and comfort of our first walking shoes. What Bonpoint wishes is to accompany babies right from the start. The deluxe brand has designed a pair of shoes for babies adapted to the morphology of their tiny feet. From our careful selection of leathers, highlighting our traditional know-how and manufacturing techniques, stems a line of shoes for children. Amongst these accessories figure early walking sandals allowing little ones to learn how to find their balance more easily. We prefer to enable you to appreciate the timeless and elegant design ensuring the prestige of the Bonpoint House. First silently, in order to give you time to judge of the finish quality of special occasion shoes for toddlers. Leaving behind the imprint of their originality, each pair of baby shoes is foremost comfortable and ergonomic. From jelly shoes to high-tops, French Haute Couture proves once again that refinement begins during the first early months. One step forward, one step back, Bonpoint supports the slightest progress of little ones through its collection of footwear for babies and toddlers.