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Bonpoint takes action


Bonpoint has set itself the mission of supporting and contributing to educational and charitable programmes revolving around
education for children to help them grow and thrive in a sustainable world,
to support mothers and expectant mothers in difficult social conditions
as well as to show solidarity with major public health causes and Research.

In addition, the House care for its employees promoting quality of working life,
equal opportunity, parity and personal training and development.

 Atelier Bonpoint - Choix de la fragrance

We're mobilized!

Bonpoint continues to mobilize to fight against the Covid-19.
A donation of € 30 for any minimum purchase of € 300 will be made to the WHO and the United Nations Foundation COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

And a donation of € 10 for any purchase between €100 and € 299.
From May11th 2020 to May27th may 2020.
Available in french stores and on

Draw a cherry... with your pencils!

Let your child draw her/his best interpretation of the Bonpoint Cherry and share it on your instagram feed.
Every week, a guest jury has picked its favorite drawing.

The winning Cherries will be printed on t-shirts and sold online and in stores.
All profits from the t-shirts sale will be donated to the APHP Research foundation to help fight COVID-19.

T-shirt soon available for pre-order on


Atelier Bonpoint - Choix de l'étiquette
 Atelier Bonpoint - Choix du pochon

Support AP-HP with Cerise doll.

Our Cerise Doll is mobilized to support research against Covid-19 !

For every purchase of the Cerise doll and/or her wardrobe
50€ will be donated to the AP-HP foundation (Public Assistance-Paris Hospitals).
Only available on (France).

Visit our dedicated page.

A little sweetness!

Bonpoint shares small gifts from the Maison for the AP-HP (Public Assistance-Paris Hospitals) staff and their children.

Toys for children who see much less of their parents
these days are delivered to the medical staff
with also Bonpoint Refreshing Mists and Gentle Toners for moments of sweetness in these difficult times.

Atelier Bonpoint - Choix de la ganse de couleur