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Bonpoint unveils its first face and body treatments for parents and children!
Discover the exclusive treatment menu and bespoke playroom from the collaboration LE BRISTOL PARIS x BONPOINT


Institut Bonpoint X Spa Bristol

Le Bristol



It's never too early to learn wellbeing rituals. Enjoy a moment of absolute relaxation with your child, calmed by a purifying face treatment and scalp massage. Your complexions will be cleansed and hydrated, your energies recharged.

55 minute parent-child care
200€ per person (children 12-16 years)


A purifying face treatment and scalp massage will introduce a moment of relaxation for you and your child and promote a radiant complexions. A last touch of hydratation adds a sweet and fresh glow.

25 minute parent-child care
110€ per person (children 6-12 years)

Institut Bonpoint X Spa Bristol - Soins


This gentle and tender tandem massage for the back, neck, arms and legs will awaken the senses and promote a delicious feeling of peace. Your child will discover all the benefits of deep relaxation and you will both leave filled with renewed energy.

55 minute parent-child body massage
110€ par personne (enfants âgés de 6 à 12 ans)


The treatment promises a moment of wellbeing and peace with your child. A deep moisturising back, neck, arm and leg massage will comfort, soften, and protect skin from drying agents. A head-to-toe refresh for parents and their children.

55 minute parent-child body massage
110€ per person (children 6-12 years)


The Gentle Massage combines with the Gentle Facial, for an escape and a total well-being in private with your child. A delicious interlude that continues with a snack created by pastry Chef Julien Alvarez and served in the children's favourite playroom, Le Bristol Paris x Bonpoint. Soothing and sweet memories of this magical moment will stay with you for days.

50 minute parent-child facial, body massage and delicious snack
220€ per person



Spa Le Bristol by La Prairie

112 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré Paris 75008

Open every day

From 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Phone: + 33 (0)1 53 43 41 67
Email: spa.lebristolparis@oetkercollection.com