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We made a tutorial for you to make a flower poster at home. 


- Sheet of paper (thick)

- Ink or Paint 

- A brush

- Scissors

- Glue

- Cardboard


Step 1: 

Paint the white paper sheets with your favorite colors and let them dry. 


Step 2: 

You will now make two different type of flowers : cut and torn.

- Draw flowers shapes behind the sheets of paper and cut them up. 

- Bend them and glue the different layers of petals together. 

Step 3: 

Rip up the remaining sheets of paper to make petals out of them. 

Glue them together and move on to the flowers hearts. Rip irregular strips of paper and cut narrow strips. 

Roll them up and glue them in the heart of your flowers. 

Step 4 :

Glue a white sheet of paper onto your piece of cardboard and start arranging the flowers.

Glue all the flowers on it.