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My magical card  


3 A4 white cardboard sheets
1 transparent sheet wallet
1 cutter (with help from an adult)
1 ruler
1 glue stick
1 black felt
1 set of coloured felt o r col o ur ed pencils

1 A4 printer

Step1: Template A

1- Using the cutter and the ruler, cut out the dotted portion cleanly of the template A. (With help from an adult). 

2- Fold the sheet on the red lines following the direction of the arrows above.

Step 2: Template B

1- With scissors cut out the dotted outline. (With help from an adult)

               Partie I                  Partie 2


Step 3: Assembly template A and B



1- Unfold template A   

2- Put glue on the gray strip of part 1 of the template B. 

3- Glue part 1 of the template B only the grey strip within the template A on the unperforated side.


Step 4: Template C and transparent sheet


1- Cut out the elements to the right of the template C following
the dotted lines (logo + gray rectangle).   

2- Position the transparent sheet on the template C With
black felt, trace only the dotted portion.


3- Cut the transparent sheet along your path.   

Step 5 : The drawing


1- Position the transparent sheet on the snow globe drawing.

2-With the black felt rigorously trace the drawing.
You can use finer felt for the details. 


3- Let dry so that the felt does not drip or smudge.

Step 6: Colours part 2 template B printed snow globe

1- Color your snow globe with the colours of your choice.

2- To make the card magical add nice details in the background of the drawing (stars
points....) Trust your imagination !


Step 7: Assembly of snow  globes


1- Put glue on the gray strip of part 2 of the template B printed and coloured snow globe

2- Overlay rigorously the transferred snow globe on the printed snow globe.

3- Fold the gray rectangle of the template C following the red line, then put glue on the rectangle.

4- Glue the rectangle on the upper part of the 2 snow globes to assemble them.

5- Glue the gray strip of the template A on the white sheet, as well as on the back.

6- Glue the logo on the back of your card.

Step 8: Assembly of magic card


1- Swipe the snow globe card so as to have the coloured part hide behind the white sheet
and the transferred part in front of the white sheet.

Step9: It’s your turn

1- Raise the tongue at the top of the card to bring up the card in colour, then
lower it to make it disappear.