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Bonpoint brings renewed excitement to beauty with products that are risk-free, clean and of natural origin, suitable for even the most sensitive skins, and which make no concessions on quality, sensoriality or efficacy — all while striving to be as eco-responsible as possible. In order to respect baby’s delicate skin —and that of the whole family — Bonpoint adheres to an uncompromising formulation policy.  Our products are conceived and tested with experts in dermatology and toxicology and are free of controversial ingredients as well as those which may cause irritations and allergies, while offering an optimal balance of naturalness, sensoriality, non-toxicity and efficacy in its formulas. The perfume of our skincare line has been specially developed without allergens or essential oils to respect the sensitive skin of babies. It is incorporated at the exact dose to delicately perfume the skin of babies and their mothers.

These skin care products have been 100% tested on sensitive skins that are prone to exhibiting visible signs of discomfort and irritation

Natural Ingredients :

Our products are formulated: 

  • With maximal natural ingredients (up to 97% according to the ISO 16128 standard), some of which are food-grade (ingredients safe for human consumption, such as coconut oil) or organic, according to the strictest tolerance and storage specifications.

  • With just enough preservatives to keep the product perfectly protected while remaining well-tolerated; or – when possible and when it does not endanger consumer health or safety – preservative-free.

Ingredients used at Bonpoint


On each of our products, we precisely indicate the percentage of ingredients of natural origin in the formula.

Each ingredient of each formula is explained on the package for quick, easy understanding to ensure that you are able to precisely discern the contents of our products.

We display the results of analyses performed on our formulas by the YUKA and CLEAN BEAUTY applications, and we indicate the EWG toxicity rating of our ingredients so that our clients may use our products with confidence.

See the list of banned ingredients in Bonpoint formulas

Made in France: Expertise & Quality

Our products are formulated, developed and manufactured according to best practices in France, ensuring quality and safety.

Our products are controlled at every step of production.

Our products are tested under dermatological control by independent expert laboratories on 100% subjects with sensitive skin.

Respect for living things: 

Our products are 100% vegan. They contain no ingredients of animal origin and are not tested on animals.

We respect deontological standards as well as the principles of ethics, integrity, safety and legality which form the foundation of values for responsible business practices, and we expect our industrial and commercial partners to share these same commitments.

Respect for the planet: 

Because it is essential to protect the environment for our children’s future, we have implemented environmentally responsible processes for all our products, in partnership with responsible suppliers.

  • Whenever possible, our packages are made of bioplastics manufactured using renewable resources and recyclable materials.
  • The spatulas of our products are made of biosourced materials.
    Our tubes are made of aluminium, a recyclable material.
  • We no longer include a leaflet in each package to limit our paper consumption.
  • We have replaced them with digital leaflets that may be consulted by scanning the QR code shown on each box for optimal information and transparency on our products.
  • The cardboard and paper used for our packaging boxes and transportation cartons are FSC-certified, made using wood taken from forests managed in responsible, sustainable ways.
  • We no longer line the boxes of our products.