For Summer 2O21, Bonpoint collaborated with the artist typographer Ceizer who reinvented the Bonpoint logo and invited children to gather around emblematic mantras, happiness and love, in a capsule of vibrant pieces with the love of life.


Pieter Ceizer is a Dutch typographical artist and designer living and working in Paris.
Ceizer’s choice of words , phrases and subject matter are empowering, humoristic and
poetic. Next to his art exhibitions, Ceizer works in collaboration with some of the world ’ s
leading brands.

“I’m very excited and proud about working with Bonpoint. The Kids are the future, they
are our hope. With the graphics I made for Bonpoint I express brotherhood, freedom
and love in a playful and light manner. When I have to make design choices , often I ask
my nephews and nieces; ‘which one you like the best and why?’. They have a clear vision
and are not influenced by many external factors, this honest way of thinking represents
freedom to me. During the design process I felt like Peter Pan haha.”