Forty-five years of complicity later,
the history of Bonpoint, inseparable from that of Liberty,
continues to be written on both sides of the Channel.

After the cherry, the floral print is the image that immediately comes to mind for customers and admirers of the children's fashion house.
Not a single collection, since the first one in 1975, has overlooked this fetish print. Passionate about Liberty fabrics, Marie France Cohen, the founder,
integrated them from the very beginning of her collections. Generosity of colors, subtle associations, exceptional quality of the fabric, demanding manufacturing,
British elegance, a romantic universe, over time Liberty print has become a signature aesthetic for Bonpoint, and as such we consider Liberty part of the Bonpoint family.
So much so that each season, Liberty imagines, hand in hand with the creative teams of Bonpoint, timeless fabrics in exclusive colors.
Poetic flowers, orientalist motifs, fanciful animal bestiaries: the Bonpoint archives are filled with cult Liberty patterns.
Some of the House's iconic dresses are intimately associated with Liberty: the Duchess dress with its smocked Liberty print,
just like the peasant dress with square sleeves or the Passion dress worn by Jane Birkin, barefoot, pregnant with her daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg.
Since, the Liberty fabric has spread to the entire fashion universe: blouses, accessories, swimwear, and even the Cerise doll.

Sharing common values ​​such as authenticity, a taste for beauty, know-how and innovation, Liberty is for Bonpoint an unwavering ally and added value. Since 1884, the Liberty fabric owes its universal success to these original requirements, which have remained intact: a secret printing technique, unique in the world, which conveys to the fabric composed of an alliance of 12 to 18 shades, a delicacy and incomparable depth. Mixing traditional techniques and cutting-edge technology, printing is undoubtedly the strong point of the House. Made from specially selected ultra-fine, long staple Egyptian cotton (the famous Tana Lawn), its bespoke process has been fine-tuned by Liberty Fabrics experts over the last 100 years. The qualities of the weave provide a brilliant base material on which to print Liberty’s lustrous textile designs. Today, Tana Lawn™ continually evolves as Liberty Fabrics works with new technologies and processes to ensure it maintains its reputation as the best printed cotton available.

Its particularity? It is light, resistant, silky and the patterns are visible both on the front and on the back of the fabric.

Favouring natural materials through its Cherrysh initiative, Bonpoint now opts for the organic version of Tana Lawn, made in the same factory,
but using a different process from the original in order to meet the rules of GOTS (label ensuring the organic origin of fibers and which guarantees a socially responsible and environmentally friendly production)
in keeping with the Oeko-Tex® Standard. Like Bonpoint, Liberty is a brand proud of its heritage and its vision for the future that preserves tradition while constantly innovating.