As a creator of fashion as well as value, Bonpoint is a committed brand. 
All of its actions are brought together through its "Bonpoint Cherrysh" initiative,
a vast project that marks the company's orientation towards a world it cherishes.

While durability and transmission have always been part of the codes, Bonpoint is now reducing its environmental footprint by designing more eco-responsible products.

Discover our selection, designed with natural materials, vegetable dyes and recycled fibres.

You have just received a bag of field seeds and want to grow them :

Our advice for sowing your plants:

Field flowers do not require a very large
you just need to find
a sunny spot for them.

To make sowing easier, we advise you to mix your seeds
with sand
(ideally 5 volumes of sand for one volume of seed).

Once the seeds are placed on the soil, pack them down with a board
so that they are in contact with the soil. Without this practice,
the seeds could be washed away by rain or watering.

Finally, water your seeds gently.

Our maintenance tips:

Don't forget to water your beautiful flowers regularly,
especially if the rain hasn't brought enough water lately.

Occasionally remove dead flowers and weeds.

When the flowers are 15-20 cm tall, we recommend that you mow them,
as this will allow them to grow naturally afterwards.