Our Fall-Winter 2022 collection takes you to the campus of a prestigious British school.
Academic silhouettes stroll down its walkways in preppy style with a nod to the uniform.

Their modern look exudes a strong spirit of fraternity while the cuts offer the ease of movement children
need to express their artistic soul, reflected by the collection's emphasis on colors and accessories.

This winter, head off to rediscover knitwear and Bonpoint's collection of warm and cozy wardrobe must-haves.
A collection inspired by the Highlands of Scotland, where Mother Nature reigns,
and where knits and large checks come together
to create looks that evolve to suit your mood, for both small and big occasions.





The Artist's Life


Bonpoint invites you into its artists' residence where children are encouraged to express all their talents.
A wind of freedom blows over romantic silhouettes in powdery pink, with strawberry sorbet, and sunny brown accents.
To fully enjoy the outdoors, trans-seasonal trench coats and wool knits are an invitation to embrace fall.
Tie a delicate silk bandana around their necks, in bright pink for girls and anise green for boys,
and slip a pair of nubuck boots or ecru leather sneakers with a pink or brown stripe on their feet.

Welcome to the club.




The Modern Artist


Unleash their inner modern artist with more carefree silhouettes and prints straight out of a Jean Dubuffet painting.
Anticonformism? Not quite. Artistic creation flourishes everywhere, like the juxtaposition of a high-impact check pattern
and a delicate collar made with traditional embroidery. A very graphic, raw spirit which is also translated in more textured poplin,
with frank colors of black, white, or navy and in more ample cuts which bridge the seasons.




Dots meet cherry


What if school became a playground where all expressions are allowed? An exclusive navy and white polka dot print makes its way towards recess.
Irresistible, played in an all-over look and matched with a pair of leather loafers. The check is borrowed like a history textbook that becomes,
in spite of itself, the guiding thread of an almost unisex wardrobe. Get out your pencils! Color is applied in touches of raspberry and
mustard against timeless navy and khaki. On the coat racks, a quilted parka, a plaid jacket with a fur collar, and a navy boiled wool coat.
The bell rings, school is over.





Good education


Revisit the classics: the schoolgirl proudly wears this season's exclusive Liberty print on organic cotton,
revealing a harmony of pink, khaki, and navy and always sophisticated with smocks and embroidery.
The iconic Duchesse dress is played out in bi-material with corduroy, which transverses trousers and overalls
for a more liberated take on the modern schoolgirl. This season, Bonpoint's cherry comes in navy on an ecru cotton twill.




Winter shelter


Let's leave the city for a few days to rediscover the warmth of moments shared with the family around a hearty fire.
A series of garments that are as comforting as they are warm, such as a beautiful beige wool coat, knitwear with sophisticated cuts in burgundy,
wine, and why not lilac? Wearing the kilt, the jacquard knit, and the checked prints is a nod to the family heritage.




Winter Breeze


Outside, the wind is blowing and the elements are raging, but it's time for a family walk in the forest,
along the country roads, and why not climb the cliffs in the spray? The colors of nature set the tone for a warm and technical look
with a touch of Bonpoint's signature sophistication. Slip on a parka over a poncho, a chunky cardigan,
or even a sleeveless cardigan made of sheepskin for unlimited combinations. Comfort is a must, best worn over smoky denim.