Adapt our website's display to fit your habitual or temporary needs

FACIL'Iiti makes the Internet accessible for disabled users and seniors.
It's a functionality that automatically adapts Web content on computers, tablets and smartphones
for a wide range of visual, motor and cognitive disorders—or, simply, helps meet basic needs for a better online experience.

FACIL'iti is a solution that adjusts the display of its partners' sites to suit your visual,
motor and cognitive needs, whether permanent or just temporary.

By using the FACIL'iti solution, you consent to the use of cookies strictly necessary for its operation as described in our data management policy.

This service is unrestrictedfree and does not put the user under any obligation.
Just create a profile by choosing personalisation options and each site
that is equipped with FACIL'iti will automatically adapt to your needs.

Our solution needs cookies to work.
These technical cookies are never used to collect your browsing data and are never passed on to third parties.
The data used by our solution as well as the security that we put in place
and commitments that we make to implement our services are detailed in our personal data and security policy.