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Once again, the Bonpoint House apposes its signature for a collection of clothing and accessories dedicated to girls. Each minutely sewn piece embodies the refinement of Haute Couture. While dress models feature added smocks, girls’ pants offer a sense of detail. 

Girl products

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  1. S01BSHLF0501_097_5ff32
    Loafers in Supple Leather thunder blue
    From $129.00 Regular Price $215.00
  2. S01BSNLF0101_190_a8d11
    Dual-Material Oversize Sneakers light gray
    From $189.00 Regular Price $315.00
  3. S01GSNLF0101_080_dc4ea
    Printed Leather Sneakers multicolored
    From $171.00 Regular Price $285.00
  4. S01GSLLF0601_000_59c5d
    Girls' Fringed Leather Sandals white
    From $123.00 Regular Price $205.00
  5. S01GSLLF0701_006_cda77
    Crocheted Raffia Sandals natural
    From $255.00 Regular Price $425.00
  6. S01GSHLF0201_089_b2b5c
    Ballet Flats with Cherry Cords silver
    From $147.00 Regular Price $245.00
  7. S01BSLLF0301_070_bfffd
    Strappy Sandals navy
    From $129.00 Regular Price $215.00
  8. E20EFELLA_032_8f1df
    Ella Mary Janes gold
    From $144.00 Regular Price $240.00

Items 1-18 of 28

per page
Set Descending Direction