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Oversized cuts all come with volume and amplitude whose wild, iconic, romantic allure can be seen from very far. In the image of the duchesse cut-out, the Bohème dress in Liberty fabric is as delicate as morning dew. Seen from up close, each detail reveals the finesse of hand-embroidery, immortalizing the iconic cherries of the Couture House. The vividness of an exclusive Liberty print finds refuge in the softness of cotton, mingled to the lightness of a ruffle on a little girl’s party dress.  


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  1. S01GDRWO4501_520_f2cb7
    Girls' Couture Silk Dress pink flowers
    From $657.00 Regular Price $1,095.00
  2. S01GDRWO3801_904_f359c
    Girls Couture Jacquard Dress ivory
    From $567.00 Regular Price $945.00
  3. S01GDRWO1001_632_c73ef
    Girls' Cotton and Silk Dress gold
    From $303.00 Regular Price $505.00
  4. S01GBLWO3001_924A_20f82
    Girls' Couture Tulle Blouse faded pink
    From $435.00 Regular Price $725.00
  5. S01GDRWO4001_990B_e5128
    Girls' Formal Jacquard Dress pearl
    From $327.00 Regular Price $545.00
  6. S01GDRWO1702_902_4b4fd
    Girls' Metallic Silk Dress natural white
    From $561.00 Regular Price $935.00
  7. S01GDRWO1603_502A_e3d27
    Girls' Couture Smocked Dress milk white
    From $609.00 Regular Price $1,015.00
  8. E20NENUFAR_020_68bd6
    Girls' Nenufar couture dress Pink
    From $510.00 Regular Price $850.00
  9. E20NINON_547C_23893
    Liberty print Ninon dress green
    $126.00 Regular Price $210.00
  10. E20NELISE2_922_ecb2f
    Girls' Nelise couture dress multicolored pink
    From $510.00 Regular Price $850.00
  11. E20NOLA2_203A_619cf
    Nola girls' dress Ecru
    From $180.00 Regular Price $300.00
  12. E20NOLA1_547C_1a139
    Liberty print Nola dress green
    From $156.00 Regular Price $260.00

Items 1-18 of 83

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Set Descending Direction