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Eau de Bonpoint is a delicate blend of elegant, floral notes of orange blossom and petitgrain evoking scents of the garden of the Hesperides.
It exhibits floral jasmine heart notes, soft and fresh. Sheer delight, in an elegant, refined glass bottle.
Appreciated by both children and their mothers, it is a timeless fragrance that has always been the olfactory signature of the House...

Perfumes with alcohol are not available in your country.


Bath-time beckons with Bonpoint's attractive range of natural and hypoallergenic skin care products specifically designed to suit the sensitive, delicate
skins of the very young and not so young.
Bath milk, foaming bath mousse, soft,silky oil, face and body creams:
a blend of active ingredients comprising softening, soothing orange blossom, nourishing, restorative cotton flower and protective, cleansing cherry blossom.

All products

  1. Eau de toilette Bonpoint 100 ml

    Eau de toilette Bonpoint 100 ml

  2. Eau de senteur Bonpoint 100 ml

    Eau de senteur Bonpoint 100 ml

  3. Scented Body Wash

    Scented Body Wash

  4. Scented Body Lotion

    Scented Body Lotion

  5. Travel Kit

    Travel Kit

  6. Foaming cream 200 ml

    Foaming cream 200 ml

  7. Face Toner  200 ml

    Face Toner 200 ml

  8. Face Lotion 50 ml

    Face Lotion 50 ml

  9. Cleansing Face Foam 100 ml

    Cleansing Face Foam 100 ml

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