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As part of the Bonpoint DNA, elegance is one of the values passed down from generation to generation amongst boys. For them, the deluxe brand for children specially elaborates an entire range of deluxe children’s garments, more particularly for young gents. 

Boy products

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  1. C01BPAWO0101_015_e9ed7
    Boys' pants blue
    $138.00 Regular Price $230.00
  2. S01BSWKN0401_603_3e8fd
    Boys' Sea Monster Sweatshirt ecru
    $114.00 Regular Price $190.00
  3. S01BTSKN1601_192_9ab81
    Boys' Bonpoint x Ceizer T-shirt heathered gray
    From $72.00 Regular Price $120.00
  4. S01BBEWO0401_077_abe2e
    Boys' Organic Cotton Chambray Shorts ink
    From $93.00 Regular Price $155.00
  5. S01BSWKN0902_174_bcc2b
    Boys' Embroidered Fleece Sweatshirt indigo
    From $156.00 Regular Price $260.00
  6. S01BBEWO0403_006_72e02
    Boys' Shorts with Welt Pockets natural
    From $135.00 Regular Price $225.00
  7. S01BOUWO0701_070A_9d202
    Boys' Hooded Jacket navy
    From $219.00 Regular Price $365.00
  8. S01BJUKN0801_974_c71aa
    Boys' Jacquard Seaside Sweater indigo
    From $219.00 Regular Price $365.00
  9. S01BOUWO0601_009_155ab
    Boy's Waterproof Jacket alabaster white
    From $273.00 Regular Price $455.00
  10. S01BSHWO0505_280_177ee
    Boys' Organic Poplin Shirt multicolored stripes
    From $135.00 Regular Price $225.00

Items 1-18 of 304

per page
Set Descending Direction