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Shirts & T-Shirts

Strong colours, rustic, vintage silkscreens, rock or hippie chic: the eclectic selection of boys’ shirts and t-shirts comes across like the ideal sound track of a summer road trip. Hibiscus flowers and palm trees galvanize a Hawaiian shirt, “it” piece of the season, worn by itself or open on a t-shirt with joyful impressions. Super three-button tunics in cotton voile and an authentic denim shirt complete the very sunny ambiance of this summer collection.


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  1. S01BSHWO0203_641C_592d6
    Boys' Short-Sleeved Printed Shirt green print
    From $111.00 Regular Price $185.00
  2. S01BSHWO0701_677_2226c
    Boys' Original Print Shirt printed ink
    From $105.00 Regular Price $175.00
  3. S01BSHWO0202_643_e6e62
    Boys' Liberty Print Shirt verdigris
    From $111.00 Regular Price $185.00
  4. S01BSHWO0703_237_98edd
    Boys' Short-Sleeved Striped Shirt stripes
    From $93.00 Regular Price $155.00
  5. S01BSHWO0801_215_03252
    Boys' Batwing-Sleeve Shirt blue
    From $99.00 Regular Price $165.00
  6. S01BTSKN1101_103_757df
    Boys' Dual-Material T-shirt ecru
    From $96.00 Regular Price $160.00
  7. S01BSHWO1001_614_d2f2d
    Boys' Liberty Fabric Shirt gray blue
    From $129.00 Regular Price $215.00
  8. S01BSHWO0403_302_43ab2
    Boys' Linen Shirt milk white
    From $126.00 Regular Price $210.00
  9. S01BSHWO0505_280_177ee
    Boys' Organic Poplin Shirt multicolored stripes
    From $135.00 Regular Price $225.00
  10. S01BSHWO0402_351_9d856
    Boys' Checked Shirt red
    From $99.00 Regular Price $165.00
  11. E20BTI4494TE_103A_ac379
    Screen-printed T-shirt ecru
    From $60.00 Regular Price $100.00
  12. S01BTSKN0901_103_62e84
    Boys' Silkscreened T-shirt ecru
    From $66.00 Regular Price $110.00

Items 1-18 of 87

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