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Oversized cuts all come with volume and amplitude whose wild, iconic, romantic allure can be seen from very far. In the image of the duchesse cut-out, the Bohème dress in Liberty fabric is as delicate as morning dew. Seen from up close, each detail reveals the finesse of hand-embroidery, immortalizing the iconic cherries of the Couture House. The vividness of an exclusive Liberty print finds refuge in the softness of cotton, mingled to the lightness of a ruffle on a little girl’s party dress.  


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  1. S01GDRWO1601_522C_840e5
    Girls' Smocked Cotton Dress camellia pink
    From $321.00 Regular Price $535.00
  2. S01GDRWO3001_621A_7c460
    Girls' Dress with Ruffled Bib petal pink
    From $201.00 Regular Price $335.00
  3. C01GDRWO0301_117A_96d37
    Robe chasuble en denim fille light denim
    From $234.00 Regular Price $390.00
  4. S01GDRWO1301_528C_24643
    Girls' Smocked Dress raspberry
    From $249.00 Regular Price $415.00
  5. S01GDRWO2203_202_331a1
    Girls' Striped Crepon Skirt milk white
    From $129.00 Regular Price $215.00
  6. BONPOINT - Robes Filles/ Girl dressesBONPOINT - Robes Filles/ Girl dresses
  7. S01GDRWO2101_624_2821a
    Girls' Dress With Braided Neckline printed pink
    From $141.00 Regular Price $235.00
  8. S01GDRWO3101_002_f4183
    Girls' Liberty Fabric and Linen dress milk white
    From $243.00 Regular Price $405.00
  9. S01GDRWO2901_651A_863d5
    Girls' Strappy Dress poppy red
    $171.00 Regular Price $285.00
  10. S01GDRWO2204_620_f2afe
    Girls' Printed Poplin Dress printed pink
    From $141.00 Regular Price $235.00
  11. S01GDRWO2903_281_7527e
    Girls' Embroidered Striped Dress multicolored
    From $165.00 Regular Price $275.00
  12. S01GDRWO1201_570_c5713
    Girls' Dress with Puffed Sleeves navy
    From $171.00 Regular Price $285.00
  13. E20BTI3048RO_102A_fc441
    Jersey and Liberty dress milk white
    From $144.00 Regular Price $240.00

Items 1-18 of 83

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Set Descending Direction