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Blouses & T-Shirts

Short or long-sleeved, the choice will suit all tastes. Its colourful cottons displaying good humour and a positive spirit are highly appreciated, between girl power mantras and a girl friendly cherry sailor top! Poplin, a plumetis voile, light denim, exclusive Liberty fabrics, crepe or English embroidery, the deluxe clothing brand for children constantly surprises us.  In keeping with tradition, the exclusive Liberty motif ornaments flowery blouses. They are the worthy heiresses of Left Bank Haute Couture. Tee-shirt for girls, blouse with a Peter Pan collar or a Liberty shirt, chic is in the spotlight at Bonpoint!


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  1. E20POETIKA_002_a4bec
    Poetika blouse milk white
    From $120.00 Regular Price $200.00
  2. S01GBLWO1702_221_c3bbe
    Girls' Striped Cotton Voile Blouse pale pink
    From $153.00 Regular Price $255.00
  3. S01GBLWO1901_260_fbc06
    Girls' Hand-Embroidered Blouse beige
    From $141.00 Regular Price $235.00
  4. E20PRUNELLE_547C_ecdea
    Liberty print Prunelle blouse green
    $138.00 Regular Price $230.00
  5. S01GBLWO0902_551D_85e3e
    Girls' Smocked Blouse Grenadine flower
    From $93.00 Regular Price $155.00
  6. E20EBONIE_520_6fbf3
    Ebonie shirt pink flowers
    From $144.00 Regular Price $240.00
  7. S01GBLWO1202_002_c12ad
    Girls' Embroidered Voile Blouse milk white
    From $153.00 Regular Price $255.00
  8. S01GBLWO0504_620_6b043
    Girls' Smocked Blouse printed pink
    From $93.00 Regular Price $155.00
  9. S01GBLWO1301_021A_f258c
    Girls' Dip Dyed Embroidered Blouse petal pink
    From $123.00 Regular Price $205.00
  10. S01GBLWO0701_621A_e4914
    Girls' Smocked Liberty Fabric Blouse petal pink
    From $165.00 Regular Price $275.00

Items 1-18 of 121

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